Admission Process

The process of seeking admission at AIS begins with the registration form to be filled in.

This is followed by the Preliminary round of interview for both –the parents and the child.

Children are assessed on their linguistic and Mathematical abilities, Islamic knowledge and General behavior to be qualified for the Final round of interview.

Children seeking admission at the Pre primary level are subject to tests which assess their preliminary skills in reading and communication. These written and orals tests are coupled with interviews by experienced teachers evaluating their intellectual capabilities in English, Math and General knowledge and motor skills [for nursery]. The child is also tested in his/ her Islamic knowledge and inclination to be qualified for the next level of admission process.

For children aspiring to seek admission at the Primary and the Secondary level, he/she needs to undergo a written test paper on core subjects [English, Maths and Science] which tests his previous academic standards. He/ She is also interviewed by experienced teachers evaluating their intellectual abilities, interests and Islamic inclination to be qualified for the next level of admission process.

As part of the admission procedure every child is also expected to undergo an interview with the child counselor to test the IQ and other important aspects of his/her personality.

In order to get an insight into the child’s home environment, the vision and aspiration of the parents for the child, both the parents undergo a detailed interview by the core members from the management.

This interaction enables both the parties concerned, develop an understanding of the ethos and values around which the future of their children is expected to revolve. It helps them in stamping their choice of AIS, shaping the future of their wards.

At the same time the interaction provides sufficient evidence to the management regarding the family background and the ethos of the people directly connected to their future student.