Our Values

Our Vision

AIS envisions to provide Muslim children excellent quality education and facilities for their overall development by adapting to the world-class teaching methodologies incorporating moral values and various skills essential to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence, and self-discipline.

Our Mission

To encourage the acquisition of knowledge in a challenging and supportive learning environment under the guidance of an excellent faculty and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, enabling every student to become a life-long, self-directed learner and inspiring them to work collaboratively, thoughtfully, enthusiastically, and ethically by encouraging an open and inquisitive approach among the students. We aim to encourage students to observe and reflect critically as well as to be compassionate, respectful, and tolerant to different individuals and faith in order to create a social-cultural-global peaceful and responsible 21st century generation boasting of high academic standards and an inspirational personality.

Core Values

  • As an institution striving to evolve inspirational leaders and responsible human beings contributing to the society, AIS has designed the curriculum along the following core values:
  • We aspire to see our students to be life long learners and aim to arouse a thirst for seeking knowledge in each one of them.
  • They are also provided with a range of stimulus situations to develop the ability of reflection and observation.
  • The students are also encouraged to develop compassion, respect and tolerance towards different individuals and faith that would enable them emerge as important members of the society.
  • Our students are inspired to become social, cultural, global and peaceful citizens of the 21st century with excellent academic standards and a holistic personality.