About Us

Welcome to the world of Avicenna International School, Mazgaon.

The Niyaz Ahmed Minority Education (NAME) Trust overtook the management of Islamic International School (IIS) in 2017 to establish the Avicenna International School (AIS) which is situated in the heart of Mazgaon, a prime location for the residents of South Mumbai.Based in Mazgaon, AIS has an easily accessible infrastructure for students from all over Mumbai and other suburban areas too.

Avicenna International School (AIS) has been established with an aim to impart quality education and maximum learning and awareness for all students while keeping the focus on moral and ethical development intact.AIS is an ideal institution for Parents, Guardians to whom the right moral upbringing of their children is a matter of prime concern.

Here, English is the medium of instruction, teaching, examination, and communication, while Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Marathi are the regional languages being taught.The school operates dual curriculum—Academic and Islamic. The Academic subjects include Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Information and Technology, and Business Studies. The Islamic subjects include Arabic language, Tarjamatul Qur’an, Hadith, Tawheed, Hifz of the Qur’an, Dua, Tajweed, Qira’at, Islamic Studies, and Tarbiyah.

AIS has procured the U-DISE certified #27230200305 and is now in the process of affiliation to the IGCSE board of education.

Our approach to education has evidently and successfully inspired the lives of many of our students who have ventured out into the professional world to be aspiring doctors and engineers with sound Islamic knowledge and Taqwa [God consciousness].

At AIS, the efforts of the management, staff and faculty members consistently endeavour to equip every student with knowledge for success in both the worlds such that they emerge as responsible citizens of the 21st Century.

The school derives its name from the great Islamic physician and philosopher Avicenna (Abu ‘Ali al-HusaynibnSina) who made an impressive impression on the whole world though his path-breaking work. AIS offers the tree of knowledge to its students so that they can flourish under the shade, shade others, and together produce sweet fruits of this world.

AIS brings out the innate potential of your children, enabling them to become great assets to the society. He could become a Qari who is also a Doctor; an Engineer who is also a Muhaddith; or even a pious business man who is generous and honest in dealings. The possibilities are limitless and exciting at AIS.

AIS—the place where peace descends and tranquillity hums.