Pre-Primary Event – Fun with Colours and Shapes

Pre-Primary Event – Fun with Colours and Shapes on 30th Through this theme students were able to identify the basic colours. Students were able to make predictions and observations. Students were able to take part in experiments. Students were able to sort colours into categories. They were able to conduct experiments using colours.

Students were also able to identify different shapes along with their distinct features i.e., circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. The theme was preceeded by an event which was inculcated with the following activities:

Choose and race to colour: Tables were arranged in group of 4. each table had few colours and printed objects on a paper. Teacher showed a flashcard to colour a particular shape of that specific colour. The kid who coloured first correctly won.
Mixing colours: Primary colours cubes were freezed before hand and given to kids. Kids put them in water to get primary colours and put two together to get a secondary colour.
See and form the correct shape: Icecream sticks were provided to kids. A shape was shown to kids. Kids formed and enjoyed making different types of them.
Aim it right: Hoola loops was hung from the ceiling. Kids had to pick up the correct colour shown by teacher and aim through the hoola loop. The kid aiming the highest won.

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